I was captivated by this artistry when I was a bride-to-be–looking for my wedding photographer seven years ago. Documenting moments big and small using a video camera was my thing up until I discovered the power of freezing moments. I was especially taken by how a frozen frame can cause such a profound and impactful reaction. I love how in an instant, the single frame I captured has the ability to echo beyond the day it was taken, and as time goes by, the more important it becomes.

I’m all about the origin story (superhero pun intended), and my favorite part is seeing everything unfold. I value a great love story and I always believed that a happily-ever-after is the result of the journey that two people had together. I love learning how a man and woman first meet, fall in love, marry, and build a family together. I take great pleasure in being the one to capture the special moments of the day that started it all because I imagine them taking out their album someday and sharing it with their children and grandchildren. I imagine them sharing their love story–and I hope they start from the very beginning.


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