To us, Christmas is king! There is no better holiday in my book. The gift giving, the reds and greens, the smells: cookies, pine, my parents’ cooking—just in love with it all! Even the chill in the air and of course the pretty snow—though not the case this year.


So when Dominique emailed me about an idea she had for holiday pictures, I can’t imagine why she’d ever think I wouldn’t be down for it! So here’s a little backstory: They’ve added Huckleberry to their family. Last year, I took their anniversary pictures with Rocco, their first baby. Unfortunately, Rocco went to heaven some time after. They wanted new family pictures with Huck and since he’s in the thick of his destructive phase (and we are all praying that it is just a phase) Dom had the brilliant idea of capturing Huck in his element for their holiday cards.


Below are some of my favorites from their session!


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Enjoy!

2015-12-24_0004 2015-12-24_0007 2015-12-24_0016 2015-12-24_0001 2015-12-24_0006 2015-12-24_0005 2015-12-24_0015 2015-12-24_0014 2015-12-24_0002 2015-12-24_0010 2015-12-24_0009 2015-12-24_0008 2015-12-24_0013 2015-12-24_0011 2015-12-24_0012 2015-12-24_0003

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